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Your comfort is our top priority at Performance Dental Center, and this is why Dr. Sigman invests in state-of-the-art technology. We know that it makes our patients’ experience much more pleasant, efficient, and comfortable. You’ll always see us adding new equipment to our office, and we hope you’ll enjoy the differences that the latest technology can make! 

Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry saves time and offers a more accurate picture of what’s going on with your oral health.

Digital x-rays, for example, allow Dr. Sigman to see your images immediately with a clearer picture than ever before. This means he can diagnose more accurately, discuss your treatment needs with you right away, and expedite necessary treatment at a much earlier stage.

You’ll also find our office is equipped with digital records, meaning you can fill your paperwork out online ahead of time. This way, when you arrive at Performance Dental Center, you’ll be able to relax instead of filling out a stack of forms. Digital records are also easier for us to share with other pertinent providers if the need arises.

TekFit Custom Fabrication for Night Guards and Sport Guards

TekFit custom appliance fabrication for night guards and sport guards allows our practice to create lab-quality appliances. With this technology, we are able to combine precision fit, function and performance. 

Rotary Endodontics

What if we told you we could make even root canal therapy more efficient and pleasant? It’s true!

Dr. Sigman uses rotary endodontic tools for root canal therapy, which utilizes electric instruments instead of manual files to remove infected tissue from the pulp of your tooth. This may not seem like a big deal; however, rotary tools are much more flexible, making the procedure more comfortable. They can also perform treatment quicker and more efficiently for our patients.

Dental technology is always advancing, and Dr. Sigman is committed to providing patients with the best options for care available. Contact our office to learn more.

Nitrous Oxide

At Performance Dental, we understand that not every patient feels comfortable coming to his or her dental appointments. In fact, many patients experience fear and anxiety that keeps them from getting the dental care they need. For these patients, we offer nitrous oxide.

Nitrous is a breathable gas that is administered through a mask worn during your procedure. It works quickly to help you feel calm and relaxed during your appointment, and leaves your system just as quickly after your treatment is done. It’s safe to use for any type of procedure, so whether you’re having a cleaning and a checkup or a root canal, you can sit back and relax throughout your care.

Laser Dentistry

The dental laser can be used for a wide range of procedures. Using a concentrated beam of light combined with heat, the laser makes treatment more precise and it also accelerates the healing process. Patients report less discomfort after treatment performed with the dental laser.

Dry Vacuum Pump

In an effort to save water, we have a dry vacuum pump system. It saves approximately 250,000 gallons of water a year compared to a standard pump in most dental offices. By using 50% less water than traditional wet pump systems, we aspire to continue promoting water conservation.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera provides us with clear color images of your teeth and mouth that we’re able to share with you on screen in our treatment rooms.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be truer than when you’re trying to understand your treatment needs. When you have a better understanding of what’s going on in your mouth, you can make educated decisions about your dental care.

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces allow us to have a specific RPM (revolutions per minute) when compared to traditional air-driven handpieces. With constant torque when we're polishing or meeting your other dental needs, we are not slowed down when performing clinical tasks. 

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