Sports Dentistry

Boulder, CO is home to a lot of different types of athletes with unique dental needs and concerns. One service we offer that you won’t find elsewhere is a focus on sports dentistry.

Dr. Sigman is the only dentist in Boulder who is a member of the Academy of Sports Dentistry, which means he understands the effect that oral health has on your overall health and well being and how essential good oral health is to successful physical and mental performance.

He also has extensive training designed to meet the unique needs of all athletes, whether they’re elite, members of a sports team, or on their own path to optimum health. He works closely with a number of sports teams in Boulder and is certified to meet their dental needs both on and off the field.

Customized Protection

Did you know that sports are responsible for the majority of dental injuries?

Protecting your teeth and mouth from injury has never been more important. Through the Academy of Sports Dentistry, Dr. Sigman has received advanced training in the design and fabrication of professionally diagnosed and customized mouth guards.

Each athlete and sport is distinctive and requires a different form of protection that only a personalized mouth guard can provide.

While most dentists rely on dental laboratories to create their oral appliances, at Performance Dental Center, our office is equipped with the technology to fabricate night guards and custom sport guards in-house. We can often deliver your protective appliance the same day, and we are one of the few offices in the area to offer this service. This not only improves turnaround time, it also allows Dr. Sigman to ensure a more accurate fit so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Dental Protection On and Off the Field

Dental injuries are scary and are most successfully treated as quickly as possible. Dr. Sigman is highly skilled and experienced at treating dental injuries or other oral conditions in a timely and effective manner. As Boulder’s trusted expert in sports dentistry, he is often on hand during games and events to help with any dental needs that arise.

If you should find yourself experiencing a dental emergency off the field, Performance Dental Center is here for you. We encourage all our patients to contact us right away, as we’ll make every effort to see you as soon as possible and get you back on the path to wellness again.

Do you want to learn more about sports dentistry for your athlete or team? Contact us today to schedule your next appointment or receive more information about the comprehensive services we offer.