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If I don’t complete my treatment, will my tooth get better on its own?

Unfortunately, most dental issues will progressively get worse and lead to bigger and more costly problems if they’re left untreated.

A dental infection, for example, may have started off as tooth decay that you could’ve treated with a simple dental filling. If you don't remove the decay and restore your tooth with a dental filling, the decay is allowed to progress and it may lead to an infection, which will then require a more invasive root canal to effectively treat it. Infection that’s left untreated can not only spread to other critical areas of your body, it can also result in tooth loss.

When it comes to dental treatment, Dr. Sigman is conservative and diagnoses with integrity. He also uses technology such as the intraoral camera and digital images to explain and show you exactly what’s needed and why. Our goal is to educate you about your oral health so you can make the right decisions about your dental care and treatment. If you have options, he’ll help you select the dental treatment that will best suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

We're here to be your partners in optimum oral health so you can maintain a beautiful smile and maximize your athletic performance.

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